MSP 101

What exactly is a Managed Service Provider?

Not every company can afford to have their own IT team so they will turn to a MSP for support. Essentially, a managed service provider (MSP) is an outsourced contractor who remotely manages IT services. These services could include network, security, infrastructure and application support. The MSP assumes the role of an internal IT department for your organization, and will determine what services, hardware, software, or cloud technology are needed. MSPs can provide these services at your location, remotely, or both.

MSPs are able to offer higher quality services to organizations at a lower cost and with greater flexibility. Often times an organization needs specialized services that they cannot justify bringing onboard, but an MSP serving numerous organizations will have these services available.

What’s the difference from outsourced IT services?

MSPs are different from traditional outsourced IT services. The MSP doesn’t simply replace internal IT staff with external staff, but through automation, systems and dedicated staff, focuses on meeting their customer’s needs efficiently and effectively. MSPs also tend to run as a subscription-based service rather than operating on a project-by-project basis.

Managing security, data centres, networks, mobility services, communications, infrastructure, and providing backup and recovery systems are just some of the services offered by MSPs. As someone looking for an MSP to help their organization, you have options as to the size and specializations covered by MSPs. Some MSPs offer specialized services only, such as cloud management, while others will provide a full spectrum of services. Lately, MSPs have expanded their scope to offer strategic business planning which could include compliance audits and long-term needs assessments.

So why use a MSP?

Improved security, access to experienced technical staff, greater flexibility and lower costs are just some of the key benefits of choosing a MSP. Organizations turn to MSPs for cutting-edge applications as they are able to invest in technologies and talent much more readily than smaller companies that do not have the resources.

Another example can be seen during the COVID-19 pandemic, when companies had staff work from home. MSPs had the infrastructure and people in place to make a seamless transition from the office to remote work without the loss of service or security.

MSPs offer organizations IT services and talent with a wide range of experience and technical skills, not normally available. These include the growing areas of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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