MSP Communication Strategies

An MSP’s duty is to keep communications abundant and freely accessible. No MSP should ever have to tell customers it wasn’t aware of a problem as a customer chooses to abandon the relationship. Paired up with the fact MSPs rely on monthly recurring revenue, losing one or two decently sized clients can impact an MSP heavily.

To resolve this, communication strategies are needed.  Consider the following strategies to offer the best communication to customers.

#1 – Find Ways To Help Out

Client communication is a two-way street. Clients shouldn’t always have to be the first to reach out whenever a problem comes up. In many cases, a proactive customer service approach is the best way to go. Even if there are no issues, this simple outreach can be significant and reinforce that an MSP can be an invaluable resource for customers.

The overall strategy for an MSP is to be embedded into the company that it is serving. Being so integrated into the business so that replacing the MSP would be difficult to do and wouldn’t make sense. Especially when an MSP is providing considerable value and supporting its customer’s success.

Surveying a customer on a regular basis can be an invaluable tool in learning more about how well the MSP is performing. Including notes of how the MSP will contact customers in the Service Level Agreement is also recommended.

#2 – Expand Services

Supporting clients doesn’t always have to be through contact. One other way to be indispensable is by offering various services. Including services like cybersecurity, backup and disaster recovery, or Cloud management can expand an MSP’s utility and offer new features and services to its customers.

Introducing new services is an easy and convenient way to begin conversations with clients. It can be as simple as mentioning to customers that a new service is added and ask them directly if they have use for that service. MSPs can even include reasons for how this service can help companies in general so customers can see why this new service is added and why it’s worth investing in the new proposed service(s).

#3 – Be An Advisor

Another angle that MSPs can take is being advisors to their clients. Many MSPs provide plenty of services to customers and while those can be helpful, advisors can do even more. They can provide clients with references, leads, and referrals to help them grow. Keep in mind that it doesn’t mean an MSP will be running active campaigns for clients, but rather keep an ear to the ground to offer referrals.

While an MSP’s duty is to help on a technology standpoint, being able to help more beyond that element can result in existing clients returning the favour. Small business owners talk to each other and that can grow an MSP business through word of mouth.

#4 – Specialization

There are many different kinds of MSPs and the differentiating factor is specialization. While this allows an MSP to be good in offering a specific kind of service, it does bring a level of expertise to that area. Expertise that can be translated into high-authority blog articles, advisory positions for other businesses, and sharing valuable information to other companies around specific topics.

#5 – Assign The Right Amount Of Resources

A final strategy to consider is having dedicated account managers with defined metrics and goals around retention and growth. Use this as a means of gathering information on clients without having to do all the legwork. This kind of approach is the most expensive, but it can allow more creativity and makes clients feel that an MSP is devoted to them.

Communication Is More Than Talking

Communication stretches far beyond customer service calls. It’s about getting on the ground floor and getting as much information about a client as possible through a variety of means. These methods should be ongoing and consistent. And with the right balance, communication can be established as healthy and ongoing — and will strengthen long-term partnerships.

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