MSPs and Ticket Management

When starting up an MSP, a good phrase to remember for certain aspects of these models is the saying “you can run, but you can’t hide.” This particular phrase is apt in situations like ticket management and time. In the industry, ticket time is like an invisible force. As MSP owners, we don’t know how … Read more

Who is the ideal MSP business owner?

MSPs are a fantastic market that’s been developed over the years. No doubt the industry has helped keep small and medium sized businesses up to speed on various aspects and relevant in their own respective industries. However, even though there is a growing demand for MSPs, they take a surprising amount of skill to operate … Read more

CyberSecurity in the Health Care Sector

Security theme with woman using her laptop in her home office

Like many companies today, those in the health care sector are concerned about managing cybersecurity risks. There are a number of actions you can take to improve your risk awareness and cybersecurity. Start with a strategy What are the threats to your digital assets? As an organization, you’ll need to determine what your cybersecurity priorities … Read more

Protecting your small or mid-sized business from cyber attacks

Cyber attacks don’t just happen to the big players like governments and multi-national corporations. Small- and mid-sized businesses are also vulnerable to cyber threats. And sadly, these smaller companies usually have fewer resources and less defences available to them. Cybercrime is big business, and these criminals often target mid-sized businesses as they assume they do … Read more