Top 4 Tips to Reward and Recognize MSP Staff

Being a successful MSP today has a different meaning than it did a year ago, and it will mean something else next year, but success begins and ends with your workers. Having the correct team and business goal alignment in place puts your organization in a better position to generate real results.

Here are four methods to motivate your employees to keep accomplishing huge goals as the new year begins:

  1. Recognize major accomplishments

Positive reinforcement can help raise staff productivity significantly. It may appear too basic but being rewarded and appreciated for one’s efforts can keep an employee engaged and driven to exceed expectations in the future. It’s human nature to want to succeed and share the joys of success, and acknowledgment serves to bring people together and celebrate each other’s achievements.

Outward acknowledgement may be more important than ever in the last two years, since we’ve all been forced to become distant employees, homeschoolers, caregivers, and non-social beings. With the increase of remote work, companywide visibility is decreasing, and some employees may be missing out on facetime with management. Public recognition and celebration of everyone’s successes can provide those team members with the additional attention they deserve.

Send that mass email or group message on Microsoft Teams or conduct a virtual awards ceremony. Just make sure your team members understand how much you appreciate them.

  1. Provide opportunity for advancement

Growth should not occur only when you receive a large salary increase or promotion. While these are items that all employees desire, the majority are also looking for opportunities to broaden their knowledge and grow their skill sets. These possibilities to grow are frequently far more beneficial to someone than an increase in pay.

Charge your budding star with overseeing a large project or launching a new endeavour. Investing in your employees’ development can lead to decreased turnover and a more productive workforce. Finding the correct growth opportunity is, at its core, a method to reward your employees’ achievements.

  1. Allow staff to be flexible.

Finding work/life balance has always been difficult, but it now has a whole new meaning. Many of us are working around the clock in our bedrooms-turned into-offices while coping with a myriad of intense non-work-related difficulties. It’s been difficult. Everyone is feeling exhausted.

Now is the moment to give your staff more freedom in their daily schedules. Obviously, it is critical that work and productivity are not impacted. However, adjusting work hours to match your employees’ requirements or allowing them to work remotely may have a good impact on their mental health. 

  1. Be original with your reward programs

Taking care of employees and clients is a top responsibility. As we move forward into a new year, MSPs should consider unique ways to recognize their employees for all the challenges they’ve conquered in the last months.

Consider these unconventional employee reward ideas:

    • An extra day of vacation
    • A shorter workday on Fridays
    • A gift card to your employee’s favourite restaurant
    • An activity they enjoy

Rinse and Repeat

While we remain positive about the coming year, we cannot disregard the efforts and countless hours put in by staff over the last year. Given the circumstances, your plans to reward your team may have shifted slightly as an MSP, but it is still critical to motivate and drive your team to keep up the good work.

Investing in your staff year-round can result in a more productive, happy, and loyal team. Make it a point to express your gratitude to your employees this year and every year.

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