Why Your Business Might Need A Hosted Anti-Spam Solution

Last year, it’s expected that the world population sent over 305 billion emails every single day. That figure is expected to increase to over 347 billion emails by 2023. Because of how many emails are going to be sent we can glean two things:

  • Email is still alive and well.
  • And email is terribly inefficient when handling clients in a business capacity.

Why it’s so terribly inefficient really comes down to one thing: spam emails. In fact, those numbers are inflated significantly as over half of those emails sent out are considered spam emails.

All they ever do is take up valuable space on business servers and they can lead to servers being so overwhelmed that they leave themselves open to cybercriminals attacking business networks.

Because of this, businesses need to invest in anti-spam solutions that can keep inboxes clear of unnecessary and harmful emails. As an MSP, you should have these tools already. And if you don’t, here are some other reasons to consider putting them in.

The Advantages

Aside from the fact mentioned above, having a hosted anti-spam solution is a wise decision for an MSP or any business to invest in because:

  • They are increasingly popular right now. For MSPs, being able to offer this service means being able to get more customers just because of this service.
  • Anti-spam solutions as a product offer sophisticated anti-spam protection and have flexible pricing points for the level of protection needed. Factors for pricing are based on size and scope of the organization.
  • Anti-spam solutions offer other critical advantages such as freeing up essential bandwidth and other IT resources for businesses to implement core competencies.
  • These platforms also provide comprehensive email archiving and email continuity capabilities. These ensure that email accounts are available at all times despite connectivity issues, network failures, or other disruptions.

It Also Addresses The Following Issues

Beyond that, there are also certain scenarios that businesses encounter where having an hosted anti-spam solution will come in handy. These scenarios being:

  • Anti-spam emails are taking up a considerable amount of server space and in people’s inboxes.
  • Your current filtration of spam emails isn’t enough. Even if platforms claim to filter 97% of spam emails, your business may be getting more of these unnecessary emails.
  • Your current cybersecurity posture isn’t strong enough. Worry over malware, ransomware, and social engineering attacks can be soothed over by having an anti-spam platform helping you.
  • Your technicians already are dedicating way more time than is needed in order to deal with the issue.
  • You’re considering how to spend more of your time effectively and your current solutions demand you spend more of your budget and time on dealing with the issue.

How Does Anti-Spam Work?

Cybercriminals are always thinking of new ways to bypass traditional anti-spam measures. This means that you need to be developing an effective anti-spam software solution on a regular basis. You want to ensure the solution you are using is being updated rigorously and is still able to filter out even the most advanced forms of spam emailing.

In order to figure out how aggressive of a solution you need to have, it’s best to know how it all works.

The best anti-spam platforms will be relying on several strategies in order to block incoming and outgoing spam. An example of this is looking at Domain Name System-based Blackhole Lists (DNSBLs) which analyze an IP address of emails against any proven spam originators. Depending on the result of that analysis, the system will flag the messages for total rejection or for some kind of further review.

There are similar methods like sender policy frameworks, combat social engineering attacks through checking emails against domain names and others. But all of these methods will include both anti-spam and antivirus capabilities. This allows them to deal with spam and other email borne threats that stem from it like phishing malware and ransomware.

There are other methods that also look at the content of emails and have a rating scheme that’s used to determine whether a message is considered spam or not. This would be based on the keywords used or questionable phrases. It also evaluates the designated addresses of emails to ensure the recipients exist and filter based on URLs known to have malware.

Choosing The Right Anti-Spam Solution

There is no doubt that MSPs will need to consider anti-spam email solutions to meet their client needs. That said, it’s crucial you have tools designed for what you want them to do. Moving to a hosted anti-spam solution means offering better protection for clients in a seamless and affordable manner. The only question is considering which one you want to be picking.

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