6 Reasons For MSPs To Have Email Security

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are a one stop business as they provide a wide range of services that assist companies all across the business spectrum. They are a welcome addition to any team as they can cover a lot of the background work and keep businesses safe against malicious attacks.

But while they do provide great safety, one aspect that is often overlooked is email security. Many will address this issue instances through employee training, teaching individuals to spot dubious emails. Even so, malicious emails can still fall through the cracks and businesses can get hurt.

With that in mind, MSPs are in a unique position where they can offer these kinds of security services. Being able to provide this kind of service can be beneficial in several ways. Here are some of those reasons.

Email Is Still Important

Email has been around since the beginning of the internet and it’s not going away. Even if we have instant messaging, texting, calling, or just walking over to the person’s desk, email is still going to be relevant for many organizations.

The sheer number of emails being sent out today for customer service purposes or marketing purposes is overwhelming and that number will only increase as years go on. As such, the security for emails to be safe is going to continue to increase and MSPs who take advantage of this earlier will be in a better position.

Email Is A Main Point Of Breaking Into A Company

Two words: Phishing scams. We still get these all of the time and several organizations fail to counter this properly. This is despite being trained to detect it and thousands upon thousands of articles on the subject.

For so many businesses, email is their first point of contact and that holds true with cybercriminals too. These attacks have only increased as more emails are being sent out day after day. Email is prime for not only phishing but ransomware and malware attacks. A study from VIPRE shows that 63% of infections to computers stem from either a spam or phishing email.

Being able to provide coverage and security in this area is big right now.

There Is A Demand For Email Security

Right now, the way organizations deal with this problem is through traditional methods. Things like learning what a phishing email looks like, to pay attention to the sites you’re on and to be suspicious about unusual email addresses and so on.

Those methods are fine, but they are not enough as people have been using more advanced technologies and being crafty about their techniques. Even something as simple as Ransomware-as-a-Service can be used to crush any conventional safeguards people might put in place.

Many people might not realize it, but there is a dire need for email security services to be used that can leverage high-end technologies like AI and ML algorithms to properly deal with this problem. There is still going to be successful hits from these attacks, no matter what will happen, but having better processes in place and an MSP willing to provide it is better than what’s currently being offered.

It’s A Lucrative Revenue Source

Unfortunately in the IT world, there is a shortage of experts in this area of cybersecurity. One of the big issues is the fact technology advances so quickly that it’s hard to keep up in terms of training from the ground level.

So if MSPs, who have a background in security already, were to step in, it would be a huge benefit for businesses. All in all, it creates higher revenue streams with existing customers, but can also help you be known to other businesses looking for MSPs with that service.

Security Services Provide More Maturity

MSPs are able to provide many services in the IT-sphere to people. As a result, people can tell the maturity of the business based solely on the number of services they’re able to provide. But not all services are created equal.

Case and point: being able to provide security in various fashions indicates to people that the MSP is serious. Security is a heavy word and you only find this service appearing in the top MSP businesses in the industry.

MSPs that have these services command a high degree of maturity within that field. To go out and say they cover email security services as well can refine that further. It translates to higher value and you could charge more for your services based on this alone.

Customers Get Massive Benefits

On top of this, people who do buy email security services receive a number of perks as well. Some of the significant benefits are:

  • All-round email protection. No more phishing, ransomware, malware, spam, and spear phishing is a great feeling.
  • All-time protection. Because MSPs that provide this service can provide 24/7 monitoring, this means they have 24/7 monitoring on email threats as well.
  • Dedicated URL protection. Malicious URLs are the main source of phishing attacks. MSP email security can analyze the situation and either restrict the email or warn the user before even clicking it.
  • Ease of scalability. Advanced security systems today use cloud computing resources. You can easily upscale the requirements for email security at anytime with little to no hassle or higher costs.

Incorporate Email Security

MSPs have an excellent opportunity right now to tap into a market that’s hardly touched. Adding this into a company wheelhouse and enhancing employees skills will be a huge benefit.

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