ACQUIRING AND EMPOWERING Managed Service Providers

MSP Corp acquires and partners with high-performing Managed Service Providers in Canada and the United States to provide resources, technology, and business support to empower exceptional MSP teams.
We enable the best to be even better.

Partner for Success.
Lead with Autonomy.
Take Control of Your Future.

The power behind exceptional Managed Service Providers

Independent MSPs face huge challenges in their day to day operations. They bear the responsibility of providing industry leading technology, hardware and software solutions, cloud technology and support, while managing their finances, operations, and bottom line revenue.

Our partners have access to a full stack of solutions for email, cybersecurity, virus and malware, ticketing, support systems, password management, backup solutions, compliance, documentation, web hosting, marketing and dozens of years of real world experience.

MSP Corp is Growing

Founded in 2020, we are the fastest growing MSP in North America. We’re a grown-in Canada provider with strategic partnerships and representation across the country.

MSP Corp locations in Canada


MSP Corp tools and support ensure our partners deliver.

MSP Corp drives technology and performance in our partners through powerful tool sets and business support services.  Our teams provide a host of solutions with one goal in mind — to ensure that our partners can deliver 100% any day, any time. We remove the roadblocks associated with technology  that limit an MSPs’ capabilities so they can focus on managing their business.

Why endeavour alone?  Partner with MSP Corp.


Comprehensive integrated solutions deliver seamless partnership transitions, and ensure client service is exceptional throughout the process.


Industry-leading tools for communication, collaboration, and security guarantee compatibility and consistency.


Global support technology and shared lines of communication ensure that we can react quickly to deliver on promises to partners and clients.


IT solutions, marketing support and an endless set of tools give our partners the confidence they need to expand their capabilities and service offering.