Business Independence

Our partners are empowered to retain their market and client independence, while utilizing the benefits of scale. Partners lead and drive their own businesses. MSP Corp provides the tools and technology to allow MSPs to make key decisions and service their clients in the most efficient way possible.


Maintain your existing brand and implement marketing strategies that drive new client flow and retention.

Risk Management

Stay at the forefront of business security and privacy, virus and malware prevention protocols, and adopt a strong client data integrity culture.


Benefit from our industry-leading systems, innovative engagement tools, cost-effective solutions, and dedicated cloud services.

Partner Optimization

Leverage our strategic insights, knowledge and experienced teams so you can focus on your clients rather than your day-to-day operations. We'll help you optimize areas such as scheduling and labour management.

Real Estate

Access support in all aspects of real estate and property management — including landlord and tenant relations, lease inquiries, leasehold improvements and renovations.


A dedicated finance team provides expert support for your accounts payable and receivable, payroll, financial reporting and data insights.

Human Resources

Attract and retain the very best IT professionals with our comprehensive recruiting and HR support. 


Get the best prices from major suppliers. Our procurement team supports you through your purchases and leverages our network's scale so you can benefit from cost savings in consumables, office expenses, equipment and more.


A national insurance team provides strategic access to commercial liability, errors and omissions, and cyber insurance at the best available rates.

"Partnering with MSP Corp allows me to focus on clients, deliver support and technology that wasn't previously available to me, and provides me enough room in my schedule to spend quality time with my family again!"

- Anonymous

MSP Corp Partner

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