6 Reasons For MSPs To Have Email Security

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are a one stop business as they provide a wide range of services that assist companies all across the business spectrum. They are a welcome addition to any team as they can cover a lot of the background work and keep businesses safe against malicious attacks. But while they do provide … Read more

How MSPs Can Protect Themselves From Ransomware

In the MSP industry, it’s wise to consider your customers privacy and security. We emphasize how important it is to have a backup and recovery strategy in place, and spend considerable time building that plan. Interestingly, many MSP owners get into the pitfall of forgetting about themselves and their own systems. It’s understandable, considering they’re … Read more

Why CyberSecurity Matters in the Metaverse

Server Room Metaverse

Cyberspace is constantly evolving and one of the hot topics these days is the Metaverse, which many see as eventually being the next incarnation of the Internet. The Metaverse is essentially a virtual world that promises to connect countless digital spaces where users can interact in real time. The Metaverse brings together augmented reality and … Read more

CyberSecurity in the Health Care Sector

Security theme with woman using her laptop in her home office

Like many companies today, those in the health care sector are concerned about managing cybersecurity risks. There are a number of actions you can take to improve your risk awareness and cybersecurity. Start with a strategy What are the threats to your digital assets? As an organization, you’ll need to determine what your cybersecurity priorities … Read more

8 Cybersecurity Best Practices to Combat Ransomware ATTACKS

Risk Management - best practices

As an IT professional, you have good reason to worry about Ransomware attacks. They don’t discriminate, victimizing organizations of all kinds – public and private, and in every industry. If you don’t already know a victim, you probably will. Cognyte research indicates that there were as many ransomware attacks in the first half of 2021, … Read more

Protecting your small or mid-sized business from cyber attacks

Cyber attacks don’t just happen to the big players like governments and multi-national corporations. Small- and mid-sized businesses are also vulnerable to cyber threats. And sadly, these smaller companies usually have fewer resources and less defences available to them. Cybercrime is big business, and these criminals often target mid-sized businesses as they assume they do … Read more